100 Photos Slideshow

The 100 Photos Slideshow After Effects template

The 100 Photos Slideshow After Effects template is a fast paced montage animation perfect for those epic slideshow videos to display your greatest memories from your vacations, road trips, birthdays- anything!

Perfectly sized for your Instagram photos or use any type of photo or even video you like! Choose your own borders and color corrections for each photo.

Easy to customize and update if you need to swap out a photo- simply check a box to display the numbered labels for all photos so you can easily and and replace images.
Place your logo in the Logo Opener and replace your text in the main title.


  • 100 Placeholders for photos
  • Opening and Closing text areas
  • 1 logo placeholder
  • HD1080
  • compatible with Adobe After Effects CS4 and newer versions
  • TRT: (01:30) Main Preview Montage

Need even MORE photos added to the slideshow? Learn the simple process in under 5 minutes-

Font used in the project is ‘Geared Slab’

*Updated **5/18/16
-Minor update: Created easy slider controls for choosing photo frame style and color correction. Removed ‘hidden’ layers so now when you drag and drop in your photo or video into the timeline and place it at the bottom of the layer stack it is actually at the bottom and not on top of the ‘hidden’ layers.

**Updated** 9/23/14

  • Easier to use with Videos: Each featured placeholder has time remapping applied so videos start at the right time. When they are not being featured on camera they are freeze-framed.
  • Version included that is compatible with the script After Effects script Templater
    Templater makes it super easy and FAST to customize an After Effects template. No more dragging & dropping. See more info here.

100 Photos SlideShow After Effects template


100 Photos SlideShow After Effects template


100 Photos SlideShow After Effects template



Some photos used in the preview with permission under CC licensing:
new york 02
new york 03
new york 04
new york 05
new york 06
san fran 01
san fran 02
san fran 03
san fran 04
Hawaii luau
san fran 05
san fran 06
london 01
london 05
london 03
london 02
london 04
london 06

Resolution HD1080
Version CS4+
Music Not Included
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