Introducing the Slideshow Bundle

At Fluxvfx we make it easy to save on the templates you need.

Today we’re super excited to introduce our first ever slideshow bundle! For $102 you’ll get five of our best-selling templates at 40% off the regular price.

Click Here to check out the bundle!

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Author: Marissa Joyner

How to Export a Movie with a Transparent Background in After Effects

In this quick tutorial I’ll show you how to export a Quicktime movie with a transparent background in After Effects.

You’ll learn what your composition should look like and how to check your transparent background before you render. I’ll also walk you through the exact render settings for exporting a transparent background.
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The Secret to Text Animators in After Effects

Venturing in to the Text Animators menu inside Adobe After Effects can seem a bit daunting at first glance.

Understanding how the different Text Animator options work, and most importantly which values to animate can make a huge difference in the complexity and nuance in your text animations. This tutorial from School of Motion is by far the best video tutorial I’ve seen explaining the not-so-user-friendly Text Animators in After Effects. The video is a bit long but absolutely worth it watching all the way through!

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Author: Marissa Joyner

My 5 After Effects “Duh!” Moments


I think you’ll agree that learning Adobe After Effects can be a bit overwhelming when you’re first starting out.

Over the past 10 years I’ve learned a ton about After Effects but in the early days I certainly fumbled along the way. Sometimes I’d come across things in After Effects that made me facepalm so hard I nearly fell out of my chair.

Read my list of After Effects “duh!” moments and learn from my mistakes:

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Even Better FluxVFX After Effects Template Licensing

We’ve made some major changes to our Content Licensing Agreement that reflect a more open-minded approach to how our templates are actually used in the real world.

FluxVFX templates can now be used as many times as you like- for commercial or personal videos and for as many clients as you want. We want you to think of the templates as tools or part of your arsenal of resources that help you be best video producer you can be! Just a few examples include using the Infographics templates in corporate videos you create for various clients, using wedding templates for as many couples as you like or using our slideshow templates in your independent film to be distributed online, on dvd or in theaters.

There are of course still a few restrictions which you can see in our modified license agreement. If you have any questions about the licensing or need clarification on a specific use please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Author: Marissa Joyner

FluxVFX featured on Envato Stories

A month ago I was fortunate to have been featured in an Envato Stories video series about creatives from around the world. The nice fellows from Envato- Josh and Naysan happened to be in Austin for SXSW and traveling the US filming people much more interesting than me :)

As someone with experience behind the camera, being in front of it was quite strange but I’m so glad it happened. This short video is a snapshot of what life is like here at FluxVFX headquarters. Enjoy!

How to Create a Fake Stop Motion Animation

In this tutorial we’ll share some secrets to creating a stop motion animation look in After Effects.

This After Effects tutorial will walk you through how we created and animated one of the scenes from the Polaroid Stop Motion After Effects template.

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Quick Start After Effects Tutorials

Interested in customizing a template but aren’t sure what the steps are? Take a look at these four Quick Start After Effects tutorials below to get started.

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