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Single Bar Graph After Effects preset

Bar Graph After Effects animation preset free download from

I’ve created a single bar graph After Effects preset preset you can download for FREE for After Effects version CS4 and above. You can watch the tutorial or follow the instructions below to install the preset and see how you can build an entire bar graph animation from this one preset. Hurray!

This Adobe After Effects preset is one rectangular shape layer bar graph with the Numbers effect, several slider controls and expressions applied that give you an easy start to creating a dynamic bar graph. Duplicate the layer to create as many bars as you need. After installing the preset in your User Presets folder you can use this bar graph in any After Effects project.

The preset MUST ONLY be applied to a 1920×1080 composition! Pre-comp this 1920×1080 into a composition of a different dimension if you want to re-size the bar graph.
The highest number you can use for the bar graphs is 30,000- this is the limit for the Numbers Effect.

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Author: Marissa Joyner

Marissa Joyner

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