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New After Effects template for your Instagram Photos

Insta Photos Slideshow After Effects CS5 template

Insta Photos Slideshow After Effects CS5 template

Hello Friends,
The Insta Photos Slideshow After Effects template features motion tracked photos over footage I shot with my Canon T2i. This was my first time using Mocha, and although I can’t say I’m an expert I do know a whole heck of a lot more about motion tracking than I did when I started! I have to give a shout out to Chris Meyer for his Mocha tutorial over on Youtube– I must have watched this at least 4 times.

As a matter of fact, I owe Chris & Trish Meyer at lot more than a shout out, without their books and videos I would have given up on motion design years ago. I hope to meet them one day, say thanks and shake their hands!

In this template, you can use your Instagram photos or any regular old non-grungy non-70’s looking photo you like. To download your Instagram photos, try -after logging in with your Instagram username and password your photos are exported and downloaded in a .zip folder. You can also do it the slow, dumb way (which is what I did at first) by emailing them to yourself inside Instagram. Don’t do that. Use

One last thing, at the end of the video you can also add your logo or Instagram Profile pic and change the text to your Instagram username if you like.

Till next time!

Razzle Dazzle,

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Updates to the Infographics After Effects Template

Hello friends!
2013 is in full effect and it got me thinking- I’ve been making After Effects templates for 5 years! Wow! Time sure does go by fast when you love what you do. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge over the past few years as I continue to do my best to improve my After Effects skills. I made a decision that this year I’m going to update all of my most popular templates to reflect all of this new knowledge. Just to be clear, these updates are not a result of complaints, I just couldn’t stand knowing that there was a better way for the templates to function and NOT doing something about it! With that in mind, I’m excited to announce the updates to the Infographics After Effects template!
Infographics After Effects template updated FluxVFX

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Author: Marissa Joyner

Marissa Joyner

Owner, creator of, providing easy to use Adobe After Effects templates around the web since 2007.

Yes, that’s right. Almost 10 years!

When not living inside After Effects you can find me playing with my crazy kids and exploring Austin, TX.

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