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Free FluxVFX Motion Graphics Templates on Adobe Stock

free motion graphics templates

Get ready for editable Motion Graphics Templates in Premiere Pro 2018!

Hey there!

I recently had the honor of working with Adobe to create a set of 50 free Motion Graphics Templates (aka mogrts!) for Adobe Stock. We’re very excited about the new file format and hope you are too!

After hearing about the struggles some video producers have using After Effects I knew Mogrts would be a game changer.

Motion Graphics Templates are self-contained animations that can be exported from Adobe After Effects and opened in Premiere Pro via the Essential Graphics Panel.

No more trying to figure out Dynamic Linking, no more rendering, importing, going back and forth between both programs.

You can now edit text layers, colors, opacity, positions- anything a designer sets up controls for in After Effects- inside of the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere. In Premiere the mogrt file is still treated as a clip so you can cut it, resize it, add effects, just like you would a footage file.

Think of the Essential Graphics Panel as a bridge – you get the animation power of After Effects inside Premiere Pro. In most cases you don’t need After Effects installed!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with some free templates!

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How to Animate a Text Messaging Scene in After Effects

text messaging in after effects

In this video tutorial we’ll be setting up and animating a text messaging scene in After Effects.

Although this animation seems simple at first (it’s just boxes moving vertically, how hard can that be?!) what’s going on behind the scenes takes a little more effort to give the animation a more realistic look without manually keyframing.

Go on this learning journey with me as we visit the sometimes frustrating land of shape layers and blast off in to the galaxy of expressions. I am so ready for a vacation right now, can you tell?

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Animate Numbers Counting Up in After Effects


Learn how to animate numbers counting up in After Effects with just a text layer and some expressions code- no keyframing required!

There are several different methods for animating numbers counting up in After Effects. In the past I’ve used slider controls and I’ve even used the Numbers effect (don’t do that) but the method below is by far my favorite and will soon become part of all our infographics templates.

In this post I’ll show you how to animate numbers counting up with a Text layer and NO keyframes! It’s gonna get a little nerdy but I promise it’s not too difficult to follow.
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Awesome Tips for Working Faster in After Effects


Do you have the need for speed? Learn these awesome tips for working faster in After Effects!

How much time is wasted twirling down triangles in After Effects? Why waste time clicking around when you can get what you want with the push of a button?

Lucky for you we have some excellent tips below for working faster in After Effects!
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Time Remapping in After Effects

Time remapping in After Effects can be really useful when it comes to editing After Effects templates.

By applying time remapping to you can quickly gain control over the timing of animations or video footage without having to search for keyframes in an After Effects file you didn’t create.

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Author: Marissa Joyner

How to Extend Time in After Effects Templates

Learning how to extend time in After Effects is key to getting the most out of your templates.

“Help! I love the template but the song I need to use is 3 minutes long! How to I stretch or extend the time of the video?”

After Effects templates are a great resource for getting a video complete in short period of time.

But what if the template isn’t long enough for your music? How to you play a 1 minute animation in a 2 minute audio track?

In this video I’ll show you three methods on how to extend time in After Effects by using the “Time Stretch” function, how to Loop your rendered video, and how to stretch keyframes (don’t worry! no need to know animation!) so the animated elements slow down but not the video.


there is one more method for manipulating time and that is ‘Time Remapping’. If you understood the time travelling sci-fi movie “Interstellar” you’ll love Time Remapping!

Just kidding, it’s not that difficult but definitely not for After Effects beginners. Time Remapping is a powerful function that allows you to keyframe time like you would any other effect or layer property but just like time travel it can get… messy.

That being said, we’re working on a Time Remapping tutorial that will show you how to use it to your advantage and not get lost in outer space.

I hope these three methods will help you get the most out of your templates and give you more options when it comes time to choosing audio.

If you have any questions or come upon an issue with any of these methods let us know in the comments!

How to Export a Movie with a Transparent Background in After Effects

In this quick tutorial I’ll show you how to export a Quicktime movie with a transparent background in After Effects.

You’ll learn what your composition should look like and how to check your transparent background before you render. I’ll also walk you through the exact render settings for exporting a transparent background.
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The Secret to Text Animators in After Effects

Venturing in to the Text Animators menu inside Adobe After Effects can seem a bit daunting at first glance.

Understanding how the different Text Animator options work, and most importantly which values to animate can make a huge difference in the complexity and nuance in your text animations. This tutorial from School of Motion is by far the best video tutorial I’ve seen explaining the not-so-user-friendly Text Animators in After Effects. The video is a bit long but absolutely worth it watching all the way through!

Categories: Tutorials

Author: Marissa Joyner

Marissa Joyner

Owner, creator of, providing easy to use Adobe After Effects templates around the web since 2007.

Yes, that’s right. Almost 10 years!

When not living inside After Effects you can find me playing with my crazy kids and exploring Austin, TX.

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