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How to Extend Time in After Effects Templates

Learning how to extend time in After Effects is key to getting the most out of your templates.

“Help! I love the template but the song I need to use is 3 minutes long! How to I stretch or extend the time of the video?”

After Effects templates are a great resource for getting a video complete in short period of time.

But what if the template isn’t long enough for your music? How to you play a 1 minute animation in a 2 minute audio track?

In this video I’ll show you three methods on how to extend time in After Effects by using the “Time Stretch” function, how to Loop your rendered video, and how to stretch keyframes (don’t worry! no need to know animation!) so the animated elements slow down but not the video.


there is one more method for manipulating time and that is ‘Time Remapping’. If you understood the time travelling sci-fi movie “Interstellar” you’ll love Time Remapping!

Just kidding, it’s not that difficult but definitely not for After Effects beginners. Time Remapping is a powerful function that allows you to keyframe time like you would any other effect or layer property but just like time travel it can get… messy.

That being said, we’re working on a Time Remapping tutorial that will show you how to use it to your advantage and not get lost in outer space.

I hope these three methods will help you get the most out of your templates and give you more options when it comes time to choosing audio.

If you have any questions or come upon an issue with any of these methods let us know in the comments!

Marissa Joyner

Owner, creator of FluxVFX.com, providing easy to use Adobe After Effects templates around the web since 2007.

Yes, that’s right. Almost 10 years!

When not living inside After Effects you can find me playing with my crazy kids and exploring Austin, TX.

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