Time Remapping in After Effects

Time remapping in After Effects can be really useful when it comes to editing After Effects templates.

By applying time remapping to you can quickly gain control over the timing of animations or video footage without having to search for keyframes in an After Effects file you didn’t create.

What is Time Remapping?

In short, time remapping allows you to animate time by creating keyframes with specific time values (00:4:14:02) so time can be manipulated as an animated element. For example, moving time remapping keyframes together or apart you’ll stretch or compress the speed of pre-comped animation or video layer as it plays in the timeline.

In this example, lets apply Time remapping to a 5 second footage layer (or a pre-composition).

First, select the layer then right-click and select Time>Time Remapping in the pop up menu.

You’ll notice right away that two keyframes are generated in the Time Remapping property in the timeline- one at the very beginning of the layer (0;00;00;00) and one that the end of the layer in the timeline(0;00;05;00).

By moving the 05:00 second keyframe closer to the 00:00 keyframe at 1 second in the timeline, 5 seconds of video will play in the real time span of 1 second (play faster).

By moving the 05:00 second keyframe to 10 seconds in the timeline and keeping the first keyframe at 00:00, you’ll be slowing down the video or animation by playing 05:00 seconds of animation in 10 seconds of real time (play slower).

Remember that when you move a keyframed time value away from it’s ‘real time’ position in the timeline you’re compressing or stretching time, depending on if it’s moved closer to the beginning or end of the timeline.

Check out our last post How to Extend Time in After Effects to learn three more methods for adjusting timing in After Effects.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

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